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All aboard for the Gaeilgeoir grenadiers...

Well, that certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons. You may remember — but you can be forgiven if you don't, it is a busy time of the year, after all — that the dreaded topic of the Irish language was mentioned in iSpy earlier this week, following a row over the number of civil servants who can speak it.

Irish Independent - Ian O'Doherty
13 Nollaig 2013

Nothing wrong with Irish as EU language

Regarding Barry Walsh’s reply to my letter on Irish in the EU, may I point out that the EU has 24 official languages, including not only world languages such as English, French and German, but also smaller national languages such as Irish, Latvian and Maltese.

Irish Examiner - Litir chuig an Eagarthóir
13 Nollaig 2013

Scholarly resources dating back to 1600 published online

Collections include works by Seathrún Céitinn, Uilliam Bedel and Froinsias Ó Maolmhuaidh

The Irish Times - Éanna Ó Caollaí
12 Nollaig 2013

For children with no baptismal certificate the school gates seem to be closed

Opinion: The State surely has a duty to offer parents access to secular education for their children

The Irish Times - Kitty Holland
12 Nollaig 2013

Mistaken figures on the cost of translations

A point of information: European translation costs amount to €330m per annum according to the European Commission — in total

Irish Examiner - Litir chuig an Eagarthóir
13 Nollaig 2013


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