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AS NA NUACHTÁIN Fáilte chuig As Na Nuachtáin, achoimre laethúil ar na scéalta nuachta is mó atá foilsithe sna meáin chlóite náisiúnta agus áitiúla.

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Mise agus an Ghaeilge

To mark Seachtain na Gaeilge, which begins on Monday, we asked 10 Irish speakers to reflect on their relationship with the language
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The Irish Times, News Review
3 Márta 2012

Scandalous waste of £20m on minority language

FOLLOWING my call for religious tolerance as regards the saying of prayers at council meetings, in recognition of the British Government’s overruling a legal judgment against such custom, I respond to an online comment by Mr Morrison.

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Newsletter - Litir Chuig an Eagarthóir
5 Márta 2012

What's the Irish for 'leave those kids alone'?

CAN IT really be Seachtain na Gaeilge arís?

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The Irish Times, Opinion & Analysis - Ann Marie Hourihane
5 Márta 2012

Irish solution

John Delaney's Letter of the Day in Friday's Irish Independent is very reactive without at all being proactive!

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Irish Independent - Litir Chuig an Eagarthóir
5 Márta 2012

Jobs potential in heritage, says council

Heritage projects could attract 18,700 tourists

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The Irish Times - Lorna Siggins
5 Márta 2012

The writer drummed out by his own tribe

Gary Mitchell was forced out of his Belfast home by fellow Protestants -- he has now written a play in Irish, writes Concubhar O Liathain

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Sunday Independent - Concubhar O Liathain
4 Márta 2012


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