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AS NA NUACHTÁIN Fáilte chuig As Na Nuachtáin, achoimre laethúil ar na scéalta nuachta is mó atá foilsithe sna meáin chlóite náisiúnta agus áitiúla.

Welcome to As Na Nuachtáin, a daily digest of Irish language stories from national and local newspapers

Church prepares for historic handover of primary schools

But any bid to switch educational patron must get parents' go-ahead

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Irish Independent - Katherine Donnelly
10 Aibreán 2012

Trilingual kids who will never be tongue-tied

You’d think speaking three languages would be confusing for kids, but don’t underestimate their ability to absorb

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The Irish Times, Healthplus - Iva Pocock
10 Aibreán 2012

Overwhelmingly, we Irish prefer the lie

The one true function of the Irish language is that it shows the vast dishonesty of the Gael, says Declan Lynch

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Sunday Independent - Declan Lynch
8 Aibreán 2012

50 towns to see handover of school patronage

Nearly 50 communities around the country have been identified as the sites where the Catholic Church should first hand over control of primary schools.

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Irish Examiner - Niall Murray
10 Aibreán 2012

Emphasis on Irish and religion

A chara, –

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The Irish Times - Litir chuig an Eagarthóir
10 Aibreán 2012

Waiting for Beckett with Irish in Focus

Samuel Beckett’s birthday will be celebrated on Friday with the world premiere of ‘Come and Go’, which has been translated into Irish by Gabriel Rosenstock as ‘Teacht agus Imeacht, writes Caomhán Keane

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The Irish Times, Life & Culture - Caomhán Keane
10 Aibreán 2012

Resourceful theatre manager with keen eye for talent

Michael Diskin spoke openly about his illness and threw himself into his work, but he still retained a sharp sense of humour for which he is remembered by many

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The Irish Times - Obituaries
7 Aibreán 2012

Dunne to stay in ring with Irish

He failed Irish in school -- but now former world champion boxer Bernard Dunne is determined to wrest control of the Irish language from some of the purists who have looked down on his efforts to become a fluent Irish speaker.

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Sunday Independent - Joanna Kiernan
8 Aibreán 2012

Lonrú dorcha na staire

Tá línte sa scannán scéinséara Heat, scannán a raibh an-ráchairt air cúpla bliain ó shin, Pacino agus de Niro mar phríomhcharachtair ann: “You don’t live with me, you live among the remains of dead people. You sift through the detritus, you read the terrain, you search for signs of passing...”

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The Irish Times, Beocheist - Mícheál Ó hAodha
10 Aibreán 2012


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