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AS NA NUACHTÁIN Fáilte chuig As Na Nuachtáin, achoimre laethúil ar na scéalta nuachta is mó atá foilsithe sna meáin chlóite náisiúnta agus áitiúla.

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Gaeltacht needs helmsmen to steer through sea change

The Gaeltacht Bill deserves to be thoroughly debated in every detail, writes Concubhar O Liathain

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Sunday Independent - Concubhar O Liathain
22 Iúil 2012

Language in peril in its homeland

Generations of Irish children have gone through a sort of rite of passage – usually, and appropriately enough, when on the threshold of adolescence – which has left them with happy, lifelong memories.

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Irish Independent - Comment
23 Iúil 2012

Educating students for the real world

With the latest announcement of jobs in PayPal, and the fact half of the number are imported people with language skills, I would like to ask the teachers running our Dáil why we are not teaching kids these languages by now?

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Irish Examiner - Litir Chuig an Eagarthóir
23 Iúil 2012

‘It’s hard work but has huge economic importance to region’

Kitty Hutchinson has welcomed students to her west Kerry home for over 30 years. 

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Irish Independent - Majella O'Sullivan
23 Iúil 2012

Students shun Gaeltacht trips

Fall in numbers as more sign up to learn foreign language

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Irish Independent - Edel O'Connell
23 Iúil 2012

Area faces € 1m loss as college pulls plug

WHEN a third- level college pulled the plug on its association with a Gaeltacht area, the local community looked to re- invent itself.

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Irish Independent - Majella O'Sullivan
23 Iúil 2012


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