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The formula is simple: real change

Entrenched vested interests are hijacking the Irish education system. Those who care about the future need to take it back

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The Irish Times - Ivan Yates

End of a political era as de Valera's last surviving daughter laid to rest

An era in Irish political history came to a close yesterday with the funeral in Dublin of Eamon de Valera’s last surviving daughter.

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The Irish Times - Michael O'Regan
14 Feabhra 2012

Funeral held for last child of de Valera

The grandson of the last surviving daughter of Eamon de Valera attended her funeral yesterday -- just 24 hours after winning an All- Ireland final in Croke Park.

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Irish Independent - Michael Brennan
14 Feabhra 2012


What's the talk of education

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The Irish Times - Chatterbox: What's the talk of education
14 Feabhra 2012

Danny picks up a Hall of Fame award

Traditional music is about the art, about a melody that is as clear as spring water and is as pure as the air according to a Drimalost man who was recently nominated for a Hall of Fame award for his contribution to music by TG4.

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Donegal Democrat - Michelle Nic Phaidin
14 Feabhra 2012

Canúintí nach ann dóibh

BEOCHEIST: Agus mé im chónaí i gcathair Chur, bím ag plé gach lá le Gearmáinis na hEilvéise. Is canúint í seo nár thuig Gearmánach riamh.

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The Irish Times, Beocheist - Torlach Mac Con Midhe
14 Feabhra 2012


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